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Today starts a new day. I'm getting back on the bandwagon, and trying to get my life in order. The other day I began a handwritten schedule of my week, and I've finally finished it. I've scheduled 55-60 hours of work, 3-5 hours of working out, 4-6 hours of study, and 3 hours of reading. I am planning on sticking to this schedule until the end of May, when my internship with D Magazine has ended. Then, I will reassess, and draw up a new schedule.

Do you feel this weather!? It's amazing! It's 65, the sun is shining, and there is a slight breeze in the air. I've opened my kitchen window (something I plan on doing more often once we move), and the cats have swarmed by it. It's their new hobby, evidently.

This Saturday I am hosting a Family Reunion planning meeting at our apartment. It might be the last time we have a group of people over before we move. Which brings me to another point: We're of course moving, but we have a place, date and plan now. We're moving April 16-19th to an apartment at Tonti Lakeside. It's snuggled between Walnut Hill Lane and Park Lane. I am really excited because not only will we be closer to both of my jobs, we will have a patio for cookouts/dinner parties, a bigger closet, the new Whole Foods around the corner, and Northpark Mall at our doorstep.

One other thing before I go. I didn't mention the debacle with the wedding cake at Rex & Jana's wedding from March 14. And yes, debacle is the totally correct word. As Martie was finishing the cake, she asked that Michael and I help put on the finishing touches. Which means I will be doing the finishing touches. I placed the cake topper on top, and finished with a circlet of roses around it. Little did I know there was a wooden dowel rod stuck right in the middle of the cake, causing the topper to not sit correctly on top. And it was ceramic. And heavy. You see where this is going. It toppled over, taking 1/3 of the top layer with it. We FREAKED, and just stood there for a second before I filled it with icing, and moved on. I added other decoration, trying to keep it together. Take a look at the finished product.

Also, it was a little warm in the room, causing the icing to melt a little. It was an amazing cake, though. Martie made all six layers: two French vanilla, two Italian cream, and two hummingbird. Very yummy.

Now, I'm off to have lunch and plan the dinner for Saturday night. I'm thinking roast chicken, roasted carrots, parsnips, onions and potatoes, and rosemary garlic ciabattas. Ugh, I'm hungry already!

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