Life as a Job Seeker

The life of a job seeker is a stressful one. If you've been in those shoes before, you know how things in life can fall by the wayside if it doesn't pertain to an interview, resume critique or reference checks. Today was the first day in about a week or so that I had time to call my mom and sister, reply to important emails, and {sadly} blog. I'd like to tell you that as a result of all of this business I have good news, but not yet. Until then, I think it's time for another photo blink! 
Monday night I reached FAR back into my recipes for this gem.
Bell peppers were on sale at the new Market District in Pine, so we had plenty!
 I was feeling {SUPER} stressed from all of this interviewing, so last night Husband gifted me my Valentine's Day present early! {Too bad you guys have to wait to find out what it is!}
 I also put my healthy homemaker attitude to good use and made cinnamon chocolate-covered frozen banana pops!
Covered in toasted almonds!
Other side.
 Then, after it was all too much, I was driven to drink. Actually, to have one of my favorite stress-relieving pairs - sushi and cocktails. Delightful.
My review of Plum is coming!
Stay tuned for {hopeful} good news!

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  1. I know how it can feel. Though granted I do have a job already, it feels awful to want something new so badly but you just can't find anything. Hope things start looking up for you!


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