Fitness Update

As most of you know, I have somewhat foolishly signed up to run a half marathon in May. If you didn't know, you can gasp in disbelief along with me.
I just started the Hal Higdon method of training for the half marathon, and I am following the "Novice 1" level. This week, I am going to log 10 miles of running {in my case this is all jogging with some fast-paced walking}, and 1 hour of cross training {in the form of walking or doing a Jillian Michaels workout}. 
Sounds like an uphill battle, huh?

I've got a few tools to help me along the way. My friend James told me about Endomondo, a sports tracking app, that I can use to follow my progress online. So far, it's been working really well. It even makes maps of where I run!

One downside to all of this fabulous training, is that my knees are hurting. I asked my group of Facebook friends for their opinion on how to keep my knees happy throughout training, and the suggestions varied. Some suggested I pick up a pack of Osteo-BiFlex, others thought new running shoes are the key to happy knees. But, without me bringing in a steady source of income {No Job!}, I don't feel right going out to buy a new pair of $100 shoes or a bottle of expensive supplements. Until then, I'm going to try running in all of my athletic shoes, gauge which ones are the best, and stick to it until I secure a job. Let's hope that's soon! :)

Miles Logged {Week}: 5 so far
Miles Logged {Total}: 5 

*{Update} I just got back from running, and while I didn't run the whole 3 miles, my knees aren't hurting.  Knock on wood. I ran in these shoes, which may be a better bet than the old nikes I ran in the first time.

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