Valentine's Day 2012 - BDIB {RED}

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all! 
It's only half over, but I wanted to share Husband's gift with you guys! I was surprised earlier this weekend with a swanky present:
That's right! It's something Michael Kors...
Here's the inside of the pocket...
Have you guessed yet?
It's an iPad 2!
Who needs an e-reader now?!? Not this girl!
Okay, stop freaking out people. Husband did not BUY me an iPad 2 while I do not have a full-time job. He won it! He did purchase the case though, and kept the gift a secret for THREE WEEKS! This is a HUGE win for him because he usually can't keep a gift secret for longer than a few hours.
Love this gift! He does so well with Valentine's Day gifts. Stay tuned for the dinner post and a special Sarris Candies post. 

{Outfit Sneak Peak!}
I have two options on this chilly Valentine's Day. Check back to see which one I chose!

I was able to participate in the Bloggers Do It Better challenge for Valentine's Day, which was to wear red. What a sweet challenge Kristina has for us this time. This sounds simple, right? It's definitely a challenge for me because I have very few true red items. I'm usually drawn to more 'cool' colors like teal, light greens and buttery tans. Saturday I was out shopping for new work trousers in The Waterfront, and found this sweater at LOFT. This is the oufit I went with:

Sweater: LOFT | Skirt: J. Crew | Tights: Target
Heels: Michael Antonio Anderson via DSW
 And, RED LIPSTICK! {I'd never thought I'd see the day!}
Lipstick: Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in True Red
{Happy Valentine's Day!}


  1. Lovely gift for a lovely girl! Michael, 10 points for you - mostly for keeping a secret for three weeks!!!! :-)

  2. 10 point for husband giving you the most amazing Vday gift ever! You look absolutely stunning in your red. <3

  3. Wow! Your husband's gift is amazing. Love to have that too.haha. btw, love your red top and skirt outfit, eh.

    Cathy@embroidery digitizing

  4. Ohhh I LOVE that case. My husband recently bought me an iPad2 with some money that he won playing poker. So, he likes to tell people that he "won" the iPad for me. Aren't thoughtful husbands the best?


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