Super Bowl Sunday!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, a national holiday in America, and day of both elation and of terrible pain {depending on the performance of your chosen team}.
Today, however, in our household, it's most notably a day of good food. Usually, when we are fortunate enough to spend the day with family, we indulge in the fattiest of foods: Rotel Dip. Other heavenly items on the menu include hot dogs, baked beans, other chips and dips, mile-high sandwiches, and lots of chocolaty desserts. This year both Husband and I are trying to watch our weight and aim to be somewhat healthier in our food choices; thus, we have a calorie-conscious menu planned {still featuring some of our favorites}!

{The Menu}
Crab Rangoonies {a Hungry Girl recipe}
Chili Dogs
Napa Cabbage Asian Slaw {Based on this recipe}
Neapolitan Ice Cream, Slow Churned & No Sugar Added

I plan to upload photos this afternoon, after the cookin' of course. Stay tuned!

Here are the photos from our Super Bowl feast:
Napa cabbage Asian slaw, before mixed.
After a good mix. I added chipotle powder and red pepper flake. 'Cause I can.
Crab Rangoonies with dipping sauce of light soy sauce, walnut oil, rice vinegar, red pepper flake and spring onion.

Ready for it's close-up, in all of it's baked glory.
The whole shebang, complete with 97% fat free hot dogs & 80-calorie buns. 
Plated slaw.
Clementine in the corner.
Local beer! And light!
What did you make for your Super Bowl feast? Did you participate in feasting? 

P.S. - HEY THERE to all my visitors from Taste of Pittsburgh! Welcome! Let me know what you think of my PGH Dining reviews!

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