PGH Dining: Grandview Bakery

Heads up - This will be a retrospective post. When James was here, visiting from Texas, we stopped in on a late, rainy morning, to have a second {or third?} breakfast before diving in to a noon beer. It was Pittsburgh's Craft Beer Week after all. 
We'd heard about Grandview Bakery from a random party-goer at one of my coworker's Mustache Party/BBQ {?!}, and sampled a chocolate cupcake and a peanut butter kiss cookie. I finished off two of the cookies, and vowed to visit the next time we were up on Mount Washington. It just so happened, we were there, after riding the Duquesne Incline.
We stepped into the bakery/store and walked immediately up to the colorful case of baked goods.

Cupcakes to die for.
Far right - the Stiller cupcake. 
I kept looking at this cupcake, and knew it would be the one I ordered.  
 Everywhere we looked, there were little treats for sale.  This was a table of chocolate-covered items, including a caramel piece, stuck with a pretzel rod, then dunked in chocolate. Indulgent!

The Grandview Bakery is also a baking supply store.  Husband couldn't pass up buying EIGHT of the colored caster sugars. For less than a dollar, a third of a cup of perfectly colored sugar is a deal. 
 Anyway, back to the case.
 It was a L-shaped case, outlining the sides of the room. There were so many options. 
 James stuck out like a sore thumb with his Dallas Cowboys jacket.  Gotta love it.  {My lack of sports enthusiasm always comes in handy when the heckling begins!}
 We almost went for this almond-topped cake. Almost.
Or, this peanut butter cupcake. Yes, pure peanut butter.
 We settled on several things between the three of us: the white chocolate covered peanut butter patty, an Irish potato candy, and another of those mind-blowing peanut butter kisses.  
The verdict? All incredible. Like, big-city, long-time baker incredible. The chocolate was flavorful and interesting {some chocolate tastes commonplace to me at times}; the creamy, cinnamon-powdered sugar-covered Irish potato mixture was a delicious eye-opening starch experience; and the cookie was identical to the one I had at the party.
We also indulged in a lemon kolache, topped with crunchy sugar. Husband liked the pastry better than the filling.
 We finished with my fated cupcake - the lemon raspberry cupcake. The cake was lemony, with a little dollop of raspberry jam nestled inside. It was then topped with a rich, lemon buttery icing. We devoured it!
 Grandview Bakery is {as I say here on my blog} a hidden gem to those of us who don't live on the mountain. With so many options, there will always be something for each customer. Or, you can be like the three of us, and buy everything! {There were stomach aches involved...!}

 Neighborhood: Mt. Washington
Good For: Cookies, Cupcakes, Baking Supplies
Gems: Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
Drawbacks: Far for the city folk {but worth the trip!}

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  1. Hi Ash -
    OK - put this one on the agenda for our next trip. Looks DEEEEE-lightful!!! And you know yer Mama - Bakeries are my FAVE place to shop!


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