PGH Dining: Shiloh Grill

It's been a while since I ate at Shiloh Grill, and I'm just now getting to write up a post. This is a shame, because it's worth writing about - the staff knows their beer, and any beer lover would enjoy eating at this establishment before or after taking in the view from Mt. Washington.
If you recall from an earlier post about Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, I posted several photos of gorgeous, cold beer. {Can you tell I'm writing this on a hot day?} Many of those photos are of the beer selection at Shiloh Grill.
We walked in out of the misty rain to drink some beer and have some hot, satisfying food. We started with the Fresh Fried Cheesy Balls, which is somewhat of a contradiction - fresh and fried? Nope. They were still delish, and exactly what we wanted.
Fresh Fried Cheesy Balls
 Before we move on, I need to make a note of caution: Shiloh Grill is a sassy place. The menu is full of play-on-words jokes, usually regarding the human anatomy. Perfect for chuckling over with a pint.
 James ordered the Crab Cakes McArdle, and devoured them almost before I got a photo. 
Crab Cakes McArdle
 Husband and I shared the Baby Burghers Platter, served with their mac and cheese. The burghers were juicy and small, ideal for double fisting with your beer. The mac and cheese was slightly soupy, but the cavatappi pasta was cooked spot-on. I would order both of these again!
Baby Burgher Platter & Mac and Cheese
Still not convinced Shiloh Grill has a naughty sense of humor? Check out our dessert option - 
Photo cropped for decency. 
Imagine the full photo...A fried twinkie jutting from two scoops of ice cream, covered in berry sauce. Giggle. {I get it!} It was a great finish to a fried meal - This girl just cares about ending with ice cream!

Shiloh Grill was fun, laid-back and just rowdy enough to raise our dampened spirits after walking all over Mt. Washington in the rain. I'd enjoy going back on one of their Dogfish Head Brewing Dinner nights in the future. I've also been wanting to try their brother restaurant, Harris Grill, in Shadyside. Looks like a fabulous patio place, much like Shiloh Grill!

 Neighborhood: Mt. Washington
Good For: Beer & 'good time' food
Gems: Staff's beer knowledge
Drawbacks: Distasteful humor for some

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