Decembear, Again

Hi guys.
With finals, major family events, preparing to travel and work deadlines, this week has been filled to the brim with emotion.
In an effort to avoid recounting every detail of my week, I'll give an update on Decembear instead.  Where has he been over the past few days?  All over the house!
December 12: He looked in the toy chest.
He might be a little old for those toy blocks. Decembear doesn't care.
{Never heard of this adorable bear?  Read up on his history.}

December 13: He looked under his bed.
Why is it not bear-shaped?
December 14: He looked down the chimney.
He is indeed the size of the chimney.
December 15: He looked in a trunk in the attic.
December 16: He looked in the bathtub. {Pardon the cat fur.}
Uncle Bernie is in the tub! How embarrassing!
December 17: He looked on the coatrack.
Tell me, Decembear, how is Christmas supposed to fit on the coat rack?  Honestly.
December 18: He looked on the oven.
Fresh cookies! Thanks, Grams.
December 19: He looked in the cookie jar.
Fresh cookies weren't enough, Decembear? So greedy.
December 20: He looked in the kitchen cabinet.
How can he still be hungry?!
In just 48 hours, we'll be on a plane headed South. So much to do before then!
See y'all soon!

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