Each year, my Mom had my Dad bring down the Christmas decorations from the attic, and began putting things up the day after Thanksgiving.  The sparkling lights, the bright colors - we were able to enjoy all of these things even before the month began.
I am my mother's daughter, so I decked our halls on November 18.  Looking around afterwards, I thought something might be missing. Recalling my memories of my Mom's decorations, I thought about the holiday calendar my Granny hand-made: Decembear: A Beary Merry Christmas
This fabric panel, backed with fleece and finished with small strategically-placed Velcro circles, was one of my favorite decorations.  I can't remember a Christmas that we didn't hang it up on a door in the living room.  {This means it's old...?}  I couldn't find anything like it, so I called my Mom pleading my case of wanting the calendar.  Thankfully, she mailed it off the next day!
If you're reading this Seestor, don't be jealous I thought to ask her to have it. I might share. Maybe.
This little bear follows the daily directions to find where his "Beary Merry Christmas" is in his house.
Do you want to join me to see where Bear is each day of Decembear? You know this is too cute to say no.
Each morning before school, we would rush to argue over who of the two of us would move the bear each day. My sister, acting the cool older-sister part, would usually let me have the bear-move. I was none the wiser!
December 1: He looked in the sleigh.
December 2: He looked around the skating pond.
Did you have something like this when you were a child? An advent calendar? Something involving chocolates, I hope?
Happy December!


  1. Ours is a magnetic tree with an ornament for each day. The very last one, for Christmas Eve, is an angel. Me and my siblings always fought over who got the put the angel on the tree. :)

  2. Was it originally your parents'? Or, did you get one of your own?
    I love counting down the days. :)

  3. I don't remember how long my parents have had the magnetic tree. It's been at least sixteen years, maybe more. Corban and I don't have one. However, last year I was somehow able to convince my mom to let me have all the old ornaments we used when I was a kid. Our tree is all decked out in nostalgia! :)

  4. Ahh, the calendar has not passed hands. Got it. :)
    I bet those ornaments are fabulous!

  5. OMG! Decembear!!! <3 <3

  6. I know! He's a little worn, but he's still hanging in there!

  7. My parents have this exact calendar in their home! My brothers and I used to fight over who would place Decembear next to the chimney :) I would love to have this calendar for my own family so we can make our own wonderful memories!


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