Finals & Chifforobes

It's finals week, y'all.  Graduate school finals, at that.  Twenty-five-percent-of-your-grade finals.  
Are ya with me?
To top it off, this is deadline week at work, too.

Time to go cry a little.

Or, we can talk about Decembear! {Never heard of this adorable bear?  Read up on his history.}
December 7: He Looked in the closet under the staircase.
I think he's a smidge too large for the door?
December 8: He looked behind the grandfather clock.
December 9: He looked in the bedroom closet.
Again, too big.
December 10: He looked in the dresser drawers.
If this was Southern Decembear, it would be "he busted up the chifforobe." 
Name that book.

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  1. You and Decembear are adorable. Good luck with finals!!


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