{PGH Dining} Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar

Early Saturday afternoon, we stopped into Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar in central Lawrenceville.  We'd been hearing about the cidery {It's a real word, people.} for awhile. It was one of the last stops on our personal Cookie Tour, and I was ready to taste a few of their artisan-crafted hard ciders.
We walked up the somewhat steep hill that is 39th street, and found a red brick house on the right. We knew we were at the correct location because of the tell-tale gingerbread man hanging outside. {That means they're on the Cookie Tour, for those that don't know. Shame on you.}
Arsenal Cider House is truly that - a house. The owners live there {upstairs}, and make their product there, too. 
Michelle Larkin {wife in the husband-and-wife team at Arsenal} tells us the cidery rooms are modeled after a Civil War motif. Love it.
Who doesn't like axes and brick fireplaces?
Now, I do not discriminate against any cider. Sweet, dry, punchy, or effervescent - I love them all. We were issued 5 tiny cups for tasting the ciders: Picket, Sour Cherry, Eleck Apple, and Oaked Apple. We also were able to try their seasonal fruit wines - Peach/Plum, Concord Grape or  Santa's Cinnamon Apple.
Both Husband and I liked Picket the best, as it was a dry, effervescent apple cider. Crisp.  We also thought the Santa's Cinnamon Apple would be wonderful heated and served at a tree-trimming party.
I would have liked a bigger cup.
We ultimately bought a growler of Picket to take home with us.
{They served Picket from the skeleton holding the apple. Get it? Bone Dry?}
So funny.
If you're coming with a large group, have no fear! You can all fit in the tasting room and sitting room. 
Please make the trek up 39th from Butler Street to visit Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar. We should have a ways back! I'll probably walk by to refill our growler soon sometime after work. How convenient.
Neighborhood: Central Lawrenceville
Good For: What else? Cider!
Gems: ...Cider!
Drawbacks: The Hill
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 - - -

Time for a little catch-up on Decembear!  {Never heard of this adorable bear?  Read up on his history.}
December 4: He looked next to the snowbearman.

December 5: He looked on the front steps. {Almost in the house!}

December 6: He looked under the doormat. {Just a step away...?}
Will Decembear make it into the house tomorrow?! 

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