End of Finals + Roadtrip

I'm bursting with excitement to tell you readers two things. First, I am done with finals for the semester! Now, it's just time to sit back and watch the grades come in.
In fact, I'd like to sit back on this lovely chaise...which is housed in The Art Institute of Chicago!
The second thing is Husband, Seestor, her BF and I are all headed for Chicago for a quick weekend before Seestor's conference the first week in May. It's a pretty easy drive for us from Pittsburgh, and we jumped at the chance to go see them {the last time was in December!}. It can sometimes be tough when you live in a corner of the US that your family doesn't travel to much. 
Grant Park
I can tell you now, the itinerary is full of food. And, cocktails. And, walking. And, architecture.

Don't worry, I'll be posting all of my food and sights photos on my Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned!

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