Reading in April

In the brief minutes between commitments, I've been reading all over the place so I'll be ready for my book clubs in May. Yes, that was plural. In 2013, I find myself as a part of three book clubs. How did this happen, y'all!?

The first book is The Broom of the System by David Foster Wallace, for my 'adult' book club. Adult meaning everyone is well-established in their lives/careers/reading acumen. About the book: This is DFW's first novel, oddly about nursing home escapees, and the first 25 pages are straight up hilarious.  This was my suggestion many moons ago with this group, but it took a bit for them to take up this lengthy novel.  They're not afraid of choosing long novels or obscure/controversial writers. But, when I bring up suggestions, they fall flat at times; it takes time for a youngster to gain some clout. We'll see what the group thinks after we meet next.
The other novel is Barbara Kingsolver's acclaimed The Lacuna, which I'm reading for the newly-created Sister Book Club. The group members include me and my sister, which is truly awesome because we're getting to do something together, though thousands of miles separate us.
We're planning to meet and discuss the novel when we're in Chicago next month. More on that soon! I'm off to work on a finance presentation.

Happy weekend!


  1. I'm currently re-reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass. Working my way through the whole series again. Seems like I do this or at least try once a year now.
    Also finally actually reading King's The Shining. A sequel is coming out this year so I figure I need to know the real book and not just the movie.

    And I'm in the middle of William Gibson's Neuromancer as well. I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I thought I'd like it more. But I don't dislike it so I will finish it eventually.

  2. I feel like you're always reading Stephen King. ;)
    It's funny, I've actually tried to read The Shining several times, but it's always a little too eerie for me. Maybe I'll try again when I'm old enough.
    Neuromancer went back on the Library's shelves. It didn't hold my attention enough to get renewed. Maybe again someday.


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