Unintended Break

It must be obvious, but I'm taking a bit of a break from blogging. The break was unintentional and has emerged from the lack of extra time I've experienced over the past few months. In truth, this was a long time coming.

Between school, work, and relationships, this life is busy. Cray, even.

In January, I didn't knew just how busy it would be.

At the beginning of the year, I vowed to begin posting more often on ADOS, and in reality, this will be a resolution I can't keep right now. On the other hand, I'm making progress with three of the other five goals: 'Make Decisions for My Career/Education', 'Keep in Touch With Family and Friends', and 'Complete My Reading Challenge'. I've started to shadow professionals in the field to learn more about what jobs interest me the most, written cards and letters to family and friends over the past few months, and have burned through 8 of my new 30-book goal for reading this year. I'm even hosting a book club!

So, bear with me as I take a slight 'break' from the blog to pursue life. On a side note, I'm physically feeling better, so I can throw myself full-force into all of my commitments. In the future, I promise to be back regularly with lots of PGH Dining, health and 'big news' posts. For now, enjoy the smattering of here-and-there posts. :)

Happy April, Readers! 


  1. I'm glad you're making good progress on your goals! You're a warrior. :)

  2. It's tough to admit the blog isn't my Number One. Thanks for the good vibes, though! :)


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