{Travel} Chicago 2013, Part 2

Instead of studying for my Six Sigma quiz for Monday, I'm going to talk to you readers about Chicago. Yes, again. However, this will be the last post for this year's Chitown trip - I've run out of photos to upload. It's true.
Day Three
We started our last full day in Chicago with a coffee and a stroll through the Loop's parks. {This seems to be a trend.} One thing I didn't pick up on last time we were there in September was that Chicago certainly loves their planters. Truly. There are pops of gorgeous color all over the city, this time to welcome the warmer months. 
Case in point:

Not a planter but a tree, ok.
 What a glorious way to celebrate the change in the seasons. Unbearable cold, wintriness to bright sunny days with flora perfume in the air.

 Walking by the art in Millennium Park.
 We had a mini photo shoot in the garden next to the Art Institute of Chicago, though, I took photos with Seestor's BF's camera, so I have none to share.  The Art Institute is definitely a stop on the first-timers list, we just didn't stop in this time because we'd just gone on the previous trip.
Photo of the photographer!
 We packed it up and headed over to the Gold Coast for some deep dish. We'd had Giordano's last time, so we opted for Lou Malnoti's. That was some delicious stuff. Now, if only I could find my pizza photos...
We strolled on by these homes in the Gold Coast before hitting the beach.
 Yep, the beach. In Chicago.
There were plenty of folks playing beach volleyball, roasting as best they could {it was only 60 degrees or so}, and people just generally enjoying their time outdoors.
 Then, we proceeded to use the skyline to our advantage and take far too many photos of ourselves. After just eating gobs of pizza.
 Aren't they adorbs?
 I'm sure you've seen these on FB {are we friends?}, but here they are again. 
 My favorite photo of the afternoon. Thanks for catching this moment, Husband!
 We headed back through the city to our hotel's neck of the woods neighborhood, the Loop.
 I definitely recommend shelling out the cash to stay in the Loop or River North while in Chicago. It's centrally located, has tons to do museum/eats/sights-wise, and is a quick ride on public transportation to anywhere you're looking to go.
 My favorite building in the city is the Carbon and Carbide Building, featured in deep green and gold accents. It's said to look like a champagne bottle. How classy.
 We've usually stayed in the Hyatt Regency, which is just off the Chicago River in the north part of the Loop. Sure, you can have your pick of boutique hotels in the city, but with the Hyatt you can catch great bargains with that one.
That night, we had an interesting dinner at Sushi O Sushi in Lincoln Park. That's all I'll say. Yelp, you let us down. Hite!

 Day Four
 Husband and I got up early and headed out for a different cup of coffee to start our day. We walked over to Intelligentsia Coffee near the parks. They aren't lying when they say it's fresh roasted coffee - It tasted like the freshest coffee I've ever had, but I'm no connoisseur.
 We had a cup of coffee that had hints of honey and molasses. Superb.
 It's not an 'everyday cup of coffee' for me, but I will try and savor one each time we're in a city they're in {Chicago, Los Angeles, New York}.
 We met up with Seestor and BF for brunch at The Gage, and headed over to Buckingham Fountain for one last look before we hit the road.
It was such a great trip, and on the car ride home we enjoyed a mix radio station {90s + classic rock + Joan Jett & the Blackhearts} while talking over our most recent of memories. Now, back to the here and now! Have a great weekend, y'all, and tell me about your vacations for this year in the comments!
 - - -
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