Inter-Galactic Cookery, Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

I got an email this morning, thanks to the sweet lady at the cash register, from Williams-Sonoma. I usually get a tad bit excited about what might be in the email. A coupon? A new flavored vanilla? No, indeed this morning this fateful email held something more unusual. Star Wars memorabilia. Cookie cutters, to
be exact.

Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Storm Trooper made up the arrangement for sale. My one question is where are the more important characters? I'm missing Luke, Leia, and of course, Han Solo. Or even R2-D2 and C3PO. Either way, I'm not sure Williams-Sonoma chose the best characters for sweet, icing-covered dessert fare. Did they just want to make characters you might want to bite the head off of?

And, if you're not satisfied to make the most evil characters into cookies, save Yoda, you can whip up a batch of pancakes with your Williams-Sonoma pancake mold while sporting your Star Wars personalized apron. I love it.

Although, what will Holly Housewives think of the geek invasion to their perfect home cookery store? The Star Wars items could be shelved next to the indestructible Wusthof knives, which could end in a news story itself.

I think I will make a stop by the store this weekend to see if the Star Wars stuff is actually in stores and not sequestered to online only shopping. That would be an extreme faux pas.

I must give it to Williams-Sonoma. At least they chose the correct inter-galactic space storyline to go with. We wouldn't want Picard in there making things look lame. :)

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  1. Don't be dissing Jean-Luc! He is a god amongst men.


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