Vacation Options

So, I need help with a decision. I'm planning a vacation for Michael and I, as a gift to us for making great strides in our lives. Here are our choices:

Fredericksburg, TX

Little Rock, AR

Memphis, TN {Incidentally, the skyline below is of Louisville, KY. It's lovely, however.  Maybe this should be a future stop as well?}

Those three options we would be able to make this summer, which is nice because that's a big tourist/food time in these cities. However, if we wait until fall, we would be able to go here:

San Francisco, CA

If we did the SF choice, we wouldn't be able to make our trip we've been planning for a year, to Boston, MA.

So, there's the dilemma. Take a small vacation now, and get to swing another one in the winter in Boston. Or, see Jamie in the fall in San Francisco. What should we do?


  1. That's not one of the options! You have to choose A, B, C, or D! :)

  2. You could easily go to Fredericksburg on just a weekend! Nikki and I went there on just a three-day weekend once (also to Shiner (Mmmm, beer!), San Antonio, and Luckenbach). We even did Enchanted Rock. It's really just a bunch of small towns (well, minus San An) so you would save plenty of money and time for a longer vacation some other time! Of course we were sleeping in the car, and you might not want to do that, but I remember we didn't spend a lot of money!

    I love small TX towns, and I miss TX, so my vote would biasedly have to be for A. :)

  3. You might want to change your Memphis, TN skyline photo. It's actually a picture of Louisville, KY.

  4. Thanks so much for letting me know, Rick! Obviously Google Images isn't the most reliable source... :)


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