Sicky Sick.

What is wrong with me? Did I forget to knock on wood? I've always told people that I'm healthy as a horse, needing no doctor's visits or surgeries. Not that I need those now. However, I am stuck at home, hacking up a lung, with a pounding headache. It's been like this since Saturday night. Just for the record, I've also never broken a bone. Or had wisdom teeth removed (because I don't have any). Or had a major surgery. Or had a cavity. Or had to have my tonsils out. Or had a number of ailments including: mono, measles, migraines, pneumonia, or shingles.

I'm sure other people reading this haven't had anything on this list either. This poses a question of scientific nature. Does that mean we have advanced genes? Someone brought this idea up to me the other day while standing the buy area at work. What if certain people, through breeding or climatic location, have somehow evolved to having more hardy, resistant genes?

I'm not talking survival of the fittest, but more of protective advancement. My dad is the same way. He hasn't had any of the above predicaments, except for having his first cavity at 50 years old. My mom and sister, however, have have almost every one of the mentioned items. What does that say of my family? Am I making light of better, more healthy choices, made by the subjects in question? Either way, I believe it's odd that there are some people in this world that seem to be hit by every ailment available, and yet I can remain so healthy. Generally speaking.

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