Hypnotic Donuts

Thanks to a tip from my friend Sarah, I was privy to the weekend menu of Hypnotic Donuts. One look at the menu, and I was sold.

Menu for the weekend of 7-24-10
Chocolate Cake:
A. Andes Mountain- crushed Andes candies and powder sugar snow
B. Turtle- chocolate and caramel frosting with chocolate and caramel drizzle
C. Picky for pecans- covered in crushed pecans and caramel drizzle
D. Strawberry fields- strawberry frosting, milk chocolate chips, fresh strawberries and strawberry drizzle
E. Almond to the world- sliced almonds, coconut, and chocolate chips

F. Hypnotic donut- pretzel, crushed peanut butter captain crunch, peanut butter, chocolate/caramel frosting, chocolate/caramel drizzle
G. Canadian Health Care- Maple Bacon on maple frosting
H. Mexico- fresh jalapenos and a dash of Tabasco
I. Dirty South- Chocolate frosting, crushed oreo, gummy worms
J. Macho Nacho- refried beans, queso, and fresh jalapenos ($3)
K. Crunk- sprinkles of silver and half of a 100 grand mini candy bar in the hole

Plain Cake:
L. Lucy in the Sky with Lemons- lemon frosting, lemon heads, and white chocolate
M. The Hangover- strawberry frosting covered with kiwi-lime flavored electrolyte powder
N. Hyppie- covered in granola
O. TC and MM- half chocolate frosting half white frosting covered in mini M and M’s.
P. Poppin berries- strawberry frosting, strawberry pop tarts and strawberry drizzle

Special (1): (very limited) Lisa’s subterranean hypnotic blues- blueberry cake donut topped with cream cheese icing, blueberry pie filling, crushed graham cracker and whipped cream. ($4)

Special (2): High in the mountains- glazed donut covered with lemon frosting, dipped in white chocolate stored at 40 degrees and served chilled ($3)

When we arrived, we had previously settled on holding back and only ordering one apiece. When we re-looked at the menu, all that changed! They were only $2.50 apiece, for Pete's sake! So, here are photos of the ones we chose:

Crunk: Silver, crunchy sugar bits with a mini 100 Grand candy bar in the middle. Michael's first choice.

Lucy in the Sky with Lemons: a plain donut with lemon icing (spot on flavor!), Lemonheads and white chocolate chips. Excellent with the sweet and sour combinations.

Canadian Health Care: glazed donut with maple bacon and maple syrup icing. My very favorite!

Andes Mountain: chocolate cake donut with vanilla icing, powdered sugar, Andes Candies bits all over and an Andes candy in the middle. Most noticeable feature: the cake donut. It was so fresh and soft. Wonderful.

(All courtesy of Michael's fancy phone camera!)

Details: The whole shooting match is located at 17390 Preston in Suite 263, which is actually a place called The Pizza Guy. Don't be fooled - they're set up inside. It's from 7-10am on most Saturdays and Sundays. You can check out their facebook page to see upcoming menus and dates they're open.

Anyone want to try it out in the next few weeks? I hear they'll be having a Guerrilla Warfare, which will have a combination of banana and peanut butter. HELLO.

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