Serious question time:

Should I create a Twitter account for myself? And if so, why?

I'm considering this because when I was on Facebook today, I realized I don't check it often enough to get the tidbits from my friend's lives. Especially the ones that live states away. I felt like I missed something important, and it was too late to make a relative comment. I just don't get on FB at the right times, because I feel like I check the highlights almost every day. I don't specifically search for individuals, either. I mainly look at the homepage, and check to see if someone has written on my wall, invited me to an event, etc. Am I a selfish Facebooker? Is that justification for opening a twitter account? The few that I checked today (that on FB had moderate life events I missed) have a Twitter account.

Maybe I'm not as technologically advanced as I hope to be. I am almost a quarter-century old, remember.

So, should I get one?

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  1. I check FB maybe once a day in the morning, but don't usually have time for lots of commenting. I check twitter throughout the day on my phone because it is so much easier. I don't have to wade through all the photos, applications, and notifications that I do not care about. I only follow people whose statuses I care about. I would definitely recommend twitter if you want to keep up with folk from afar.


Thanks for your comment; I'm all ears!