Dallas Dining: Dough

This post is very much over-due, but I couldn't let it go any longer! The opening of Dough has been all over Twitter, and I was going to try to make it. I had to attend a City Council meeting that night, but luckily, we were out of there quickly!
We waited at the bar after making a reservation, but only briefly. (I would have made one in advance had I known I would definitely be going.) We ordered two glasses of wine on a seemingly random wine list, then were seated shortly after. We were fortunately enough to be seated next to the prep area, and as we sat down, noticed the oven!

Evidently, both the San Antonio and Dallas locations ordered their ovens from Napoli, in order to have TRUE napoleon pizza. Great idea, guys!

We ordered a small salad, which was nothing to write home to mom about. The pizzas we ordered, however, were incredible!

We ordered a fontina and mushroom pizza, and a regular margarita. You HAVE to try a place's margarita pizza - it's the standard. Both were excellent, down to the yeasty, soft crust. Good, quality ingredients.

Then...was dessert. As we had been sitting behind the small wall of glass, we noticed a few tables had ordered a particular dessert. Come to find out it was a nutella panino.

Holy crap, it was incredible! They sandwiched nutella and marshmallows between house-made bread, then grilled it and served it with whipped cream and homemade caramel. TO DIE FOR.

I would go back for the dessert alone.

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