Weekend Surprises

Husband is the best. Let's just start with that.
Late this last week, he told me not to make plans for Saturday - a surprise was coming. As most of my long-time readers/friends know, he's not too good at keeping a secret. Usually, I know within hours of him making preparations. That being said, Saturday was very much a surprise.

We started the day by waking up, taking our time getting ready, and heading out with coffee in hand. Husband pointed the car south, and we took a lovely drive through the country, looking at the leaves just beginning to change into a fire-y red, gold and orange. I can't wait for fall to get into full swing.
We arrive at our first destination - a winery near Farmington, PA, called Christian W. Klay Winery. It's super small, and I'd never heard of it; the PA wine 'scene' is really in it's infancy. Husband had found them a few months ago {unheard of!}, and had planned to take me for a tour and tasting when we had a free weekend. 
The grapes are grown on about 10 acres, and they also grow apples near the winery shop and fermentation area. Ray, the head employee, completes most of the work himself, including giving the tours and hosting the tastings. He's a busy guy!
What a fun activity, for sure. But, the day wasn't over. 
Husband drove us a few miles over to Nemacolin Resort, which is a big skiing destination here. Of course, this weekend it was a spectacular fall show. The resort is full of small trees, which seem to turn more quickly than larger ones closer to the city. We had our lunch at the tavern there, and then took a short walk on the property. Gorgeous! I can't wait to go back during winter.

Husband ushered me into the car and drove to our last stop on the secret date day event schedule: Frank  Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. The house sits on what the Kaufman family called Bear Run. The tour and grounds were perfect, and well-worth our 45-minute wait. There's a gift shop, art gallery and cafe on the grounds, so you won't be bored. We've visited Frank Lloyd Wright's homes before, but never a compound like this.
 We weren't allowed to take any photos on the tour, so this is the only shot we've got.  I could have spent all day there!  This is a must-see for anyone in the area.
We moved on towards Ohioplye State Park, which was less than 10 minutes down the road. 
 We were able to just barely catch the twilight/sunsetting. 
 The waterfalls were powerful and sprayed a mist all around us. Standing in Ohiopyle, after essentially taking a tour of southwest PA, was an invigorating way to end our date day.

Thank you, Husband! {I was surprised. Revel in it.}


  1. Aww that sounds like a perfect weekend getaway. Your husband IS the best--and yay for him for keeping a secret finally. You deserve it :)

    1. It really was perfect! When we got back home, we kept asking ourselves if we weren't gone longer! It felt like so much more than a day!

  2. Aww that sounds like a perfect weekend getaway. Your husband did such a good job (finally) keeping a secret. You deserve it! (Also, fall? Jealous. I should have visited you two weeks later. And I should leave Texas.)

  3. Your husband did a great job with the surprise and sounds like an amazing time.

  4. Husband IS the best......I believe a Sour Cream Poppy Seed Bundt Cake is in order here.......

  5. What an amazing surprise date day! Keeping delicious secrets like this is super hard, so I definitely commend his hard work! :)


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