A Study in Pizza

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I've had my nose in my Financial Management book SOLID this week. I have a test tonight {My first EEK!}, so this is where the rubber meets the road.  After this is over, I will be in a very happy, mellow place.  It will be nice to get more than 6 hours of sleep.

This roasted acorn squash and three-cheese pizza we made on Sunday night helped, though. Tremendously.
Making a 'nice' meal on Sunday night is becoming a tradition for Husband and I. There's just something about settling into an evening of slow cooking, with a big payoff at the end of a delicious, homey dish. This pizza probably took about an hour to make, from roasting the squash with a little {ok, a lot} of dark grade maple syrup, to melting all of the cheeses slowly onto the wheat crust. Deliciously slow.


  1. Looks totally DEE-lish!! Sunday dinner is the best!

  2. I don't enjoy cooking, but I have to say that making dinner with the spouse is really a wonderful way to spend an evening.

    1. One of the great pleasures in life!


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