PGH Dining: Del's Bar & Ristorante DelPizzo

Today, the Lunch Bunch headed over to Del's Bar & Ristorante DelPizzo, otherwise known as Del's {or that place that was on Restaurant Impossible.} Screaming ladies aside, we had a good time.
The four of us each ordered off the lunch menu, where most items were priced at $7.95 {and came with a side dish}.  We sat down at a table near the large windows and ordered caffeinated drinks. It was a must. It's only Tuesday after all! We munched on room-temperature bread while chatting. There's nothing wrong with room-temperature bread, I just thought it was a detail worth mentioning.
Obliterated bread basket.

We then ordered our lunches:
Lunch Buncher #1 ordered the turkey sandwich, which she liked {and I thought looked more like a club with that bacon! Mmm.}
Lunch Buncher #2 {ME!} had the grilled chicken salad and substituted feta cheese for the mozzarella {I only like mozzarella melted on things} for $1. The salad also had a few hand-cut fries underneath the chicken strips. Classy, I'd say, compared to other restaurants that shove previously frozen potato bits at the bottom of the plate. The French dressing was good, too. 
Lunch Buncher #3 ordered the lunch lasagna, which came out looking like a dinner portion it was so large. She ate half of the super unoffensive, plain, tomato-y sauced lasagna, and seemed pleased. 
Lunch Buncher #1 and #3 also had side salads, which they gobbled, but left the oddly placed pickled carrot sticks on their plates.
Finally, Lunch Buncher #4 had the steak version of my salad, and it was equally devastated by the end of the meal. Look at that steak!
Overall, the value was there for me. The bread was a nice touch, and made up for the fact that we'd just spent $2.25 on our drinks, each. I guess you have to make your profit somewhere!  Unlike so many of the reviews that got Del's to the 'Restaurant Impossible rescue' state, I didn't dislike my experience. I didn't love it; however, I'd go again for lunch with the Lunch Bunchers if it were the group choice.  

Neighborhood: Bloomfield
Good For: Salads and decent Italian food
Gems:  Pittsburgh style salad renditions
Drawbacks: Drink prices

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  1. Pickled carrot sticks......hmmmmmm.....probably woulda left mine on my plate as well. The chicken salad and lasagna looked De-lish! Glad you had a good experience, did you see Robert Irvine lurking anywhere around??? :-)

    1. I actually ate a carrot stick off one of their plates to help them identify the reason it was 'limp and weird tasting'. Evidently they don't eat a lot of pickled foods.
      Unfortunately, no, Robert was not there. I'm fairly certain he left about a year ago... ;)

  2. I've really got to stop reading your blog when I'm ready for a meal! My mouth is literally watering. Pickled carrots aside, most of those dishes look pretty appetizing to me!

    Side note: I used to really hate pickles of all kinds, but I've become much more receptive lately. Corban did a quick home pickle of some purple onions, which were absolutely delicious on shrimp tacos and then baked yams the next day. I'm coming over to the dark side...

  3. I grew up in Bloomfield and have grown up on those carrots.The carrots aren't pickled, they are blanched & marinated in vinegar with spices. Bloomfielders buy them by the quart and even get them as a side dish.They are delish! Different strokes for different folks! lol

  4. Pickled things are some of the most delicious in a taco. Purple onion is the best when pickled! When I make my man-catchin' Cilantro-Lime Chicken, I marinate the chicken with a purple onion in lime juice and other seasonings before grilling it. Wonderful flavors!

  5. Thanks for the explanation, Jerry! We had no idea, and I just assumed they were pickled. Some of us loved them while others were not too sure about the vinegary taste. To each their own, I guess? :) I love vinegar.


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