{Photo Blink} of the Finger Lakes

I've got dinner in the oven for our first fall dinner party, and am taking a break from tidying up the house to write a {Photo Blink} of our travels in Erie, PA and the Finger Lakes region of NY.  Enjoy!
Stones on the shore of Presque Isle.
We started the surprise birthday trip for Husband off by stopping in Erie, PA.  I fooled him into thinking this was his final destination. It's bright and lovely there.  And, evidently full of pirate ships?
Watching {pirate?} ships in Lake Erie.

We headed over for a walk through Presque Isle State Park, which was more like a beach. The crisp wind was nice as we walked along the shoreline.  We even met a 3rd grade science class looking at organisms on the shore.

The park ranger was their guide, and they stopped to show us their haul. So cute.
For a pit stop, we pulled over to a chocolatier. 
Stopping to buy candy-corn stuffed chocolate bark.
 We left Erie, much to Husband's surprise, and headed east.  We stopped just outside of Trumansburg, NY, at our B&B. I booked through AirBNB, which you should definitely check out if you haven't heard of it. It's almost like staying with a friend!
We started off the evening by grabbing a drink at Dorothy's Music Room in Trumansburg.  It turned out to be a good idea, as most of their wine list featured local wines {only a few were not local}.

 Later, we went to dinner. I assure you a food post is coming.
Hostess stand at the restaurant.
 The next morning we had a generous breakfast from our B&B host, then headed out for a short walk in a natural area, then tons of wine, cider and beer tastings.

Water fall at Taugahannock Falls State Park, literally less than a mile from our B&B.
This part of the Finger Lakes really is gorges. {Knee-slapping, I know.}
Now for the wine tasting extravaganza. 

Husband's thoughtful face.
Winery decor.
Evidently grapevine leaves turn!
The stragglers.
Dairy decor.
Me with my favorite 'northeastern' plant. Can anyone identify this?

Cedar trees turning.

Hurrying to our next stop.
The Finger Lakes region is known for their white wines, specifically their Rieslings. Typically, I am very picky when it comes to whites, but these were fantastic. I didn't taste too many white wines on our trip that I didn't like.  Napa has nothing on their whites!
Wine competition medals.
That evening we drove down to Ithaca, NY. We took time to see Cornell University and Ithaca College, too many bookshops, vintage shopping at Petrune and dinner at a place touted for their desserts. 
I'll write about the food later, but it's time to appreciate the vintage finds.
Three words. Vintage, Dior, Jacket.
I promise Husband talked me into getting it.
Taking photos quietly in the coat closet of the restaurant.
 We drove around the city and Cayuga Lake before heading back to the B&B. The next morning, our host cooked us an outstanding breakfast - complete with popovers! So impressed.

And, baked apples with raisins.
Table flower arrangement with flowers from her backyard.
 Thank you for a wonderful stay, Jaydn!
Say goodbye, NY!
Just outside of Williamsport, PA.
The drive home was a tired but relaxing one.  
When we arrived home, and set our luggage down, this is the reaction we got. 
"You are not to leave again."
It goes without saying that we can't wait to visit the Finger Lakes again. Our wine fridge certainly thinks we'll need to wait on that one, but just looking at these photos makes me ready to pack up and visit again! 


  1. W. O. W. !!!! Vintage Dior Jacket. You look Fabulous! Dior is YOUR designer!!!

  2. Lol I love the cat's reaction

  3. They're pretty priceless. As soon as we got home they planted themselves on the luggage and stared holes in us. :)


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