Patisserie Show & Tell

It's Friday!  How did it get here so fast?  I'm not complaining, because this is going to be an excellent weekend. We're planning to go to a college football game, make soup, and generally be lazy.
This morning we treated ourselves to a breakfast at La Gourmandine Bakery.
The love affair continues.
For those in the area, you should know that La G is making pumpkin tarts for the holidays. 
And, they've made smaller, dainty versions for those that won't allow themselves to eat a whole tart. Bless them.
If pumpkin doesn't float your boat, they still have these other lovelies:
No, this is not a sponsored post. I just truly love La G.
We each bought croissants: almond for him and chocolate for me. Such is love.
I gave a parting glance to the raspberry-filled cookies, and sighed. Can I have one? 
Of course!
You guys, I don't know what I'd do if I actually made it to France.  I would probably spend all of my time in tiny patisseries, admiring the delicacies. 


  1. That's it, I'm moving to PGH! Those pumpkin things are making me die a little inside, they look so good.


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