{Travel} NYC: Part 2

It's back on you guys - I've written another NYC post! Enjoy.

Day two of our anniversary trip to NYC started with a tiny breakfast {aka coffee}, showering, primping and taking our time. After the previous day, we needed to take a few minutes longer getting ready. We hopped a subway to Chelsea, where Husband had a surprise activity planned.
Surprise! We went on a tour of Chelsea Market!

The tour was fun, but I would caution those who plan to take the tour do so on an empty stomach! It lasted from 10:30am-2:00pm, and we ate the whole time!
We started at Eleni's, which is a bakery shop. Obviously.
We had a red velvet cupcake, which was moist. I don't really care for icing, so it was just 'okay' on that part. Such cute sprinkles!
We visited the Lobster Place {appropriately named} to oogle the seafood.
Our guide even told us a story about two lobsters...how romantic.
We then had a cup of creamy crab bisque.  Excellent!
We hopped over next door to Ronnybrook Dairy's Milk Bar and had some super creamy chocolate milk.
We walked through Morimoto's  namesake restaurant, Amy's Breads, Sarabeth's Kitchen {Seem familiar? Read the review here}, and Chelsea Market Baskets before having a pie at the Tuck Shop.
This one was a beef pie with spicy Asian gooey sauce on top.
{Can I say meaty?}
We also had a cinnamon milk chocolate and dark chocolate and orange treat from Jacques Torres chocolates. So small, but so rich!
We rounded out all of the eating with a brief walk on the High Line. Now, you guys, it was 95-degrees outside, and we had been walking for a while in the market. 
I was not in the mood for sweating and baking. Just eating. 
However, the High Line was truly great. I'm a huge fan of public works forming from something that's fallen into disuse. The High Line used to be an elevated train, you know!
We did a small outside tour of the Meatpacking District, passing by DVF and Trump's exhibitionist hotel. {...}
We finished the 4-hour tour with a plain ol' plate of pasta, powdered with fresh Parmesan. Lovely, and somehow light. 

We thanked our fabulous tour guide {seriously, the best tour guide I've ever had - }, and took the subway back to midtown after seeing a bit more of the Meatpacking District.  {The air had a faint whiff of pork...}. We picked up a few souvenirs, and a peppermint patty from Bouchon's.
We spent some time in Central Park, which was just steps away from our hotel, and walking around window shopping {with the occasional purchase}. 
We then had dinner at an undisclosed location {any guesses? Review forthcoming}, and spent some time in Noho and East Village, pursuing book shops and avoiding teenagers. After we'd had our fill of that, we took a cab over to see the night view of/from the Empire State Building.
We did the same thing in Chicago when visiting the Willis Tower, so we knew we'd appreciate the night view immensely. We weren't disappointed!
It was super windy up there!
And, as always, we finished the night with a midnight snack.
Don't let the green fool you.  It was a coconut macaroon, French style. 
Thanks, Bouchon

Keep a look out for Day 3 in NYC! {Reread the adventure of Day 1 here!}


  1. I'm swooning just a little over that peppermint patty. Looks so creamy and delicious!

    1. Oh, and it was! ;)
      I would have had three!

  2. What a fabulous day! Two Sweeties touring a nice place AND having delish food as well. It just doesn't get any better than that!


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