Merikay, my wedding coordinator, called this morning and let me know my cake decorator, Wanda, wasn't going to be able to make my cake! So, now I am getting a new cake decorator list together so I can fix that. I am thinking Mom's Bakery would be good, because their cakes are nothing less of fabulous tasting. We'll see what arrives.

My dress is in! I am going to pick it up with my dad on Wednesday, and check it for alterations. So, yay for the first fitting! I need to go get my undies before then so I'll have everything ready for it. Hopefully we won't need to do any alterations, and it will be perfect! Hey, it does happen.

Jasie's wedding was awesome! The Clay Desta Atrium was a good choice. I could barely hear her officiant, but everything looked very pretty. I hope she had an awesome day and is now having an outstanding time on their honeymoon cruise!

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