Reading & Another Wedding

Today I attended a family friend's wedding at the Baptist church on Washington St. It was a very small wedding, and I got a great idea for guest send-off gifts! Hopefully I will be able to order them before the wedding.

I just finished reading The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and it was an interesting book. Of course it was full of clever situations to make the Christian reader learn something new, or look at a fault in some way they haven't before. Overall, it was just okay. Of Lewis' books, I prefer the Chronicles of Narnia series, because of the fact that it's a series...of fantasy novels. It doesn't reek of CHILDREN DO THIS or CHRISTIANS SHOULD DO THIS, which is not pleasant to me.  Hidden allegories all the way!

Next, I am planning to read a book by Paul Auster, an author I've read a few books by. I am hoping it's better than the previous ones. It's called Book of Illusions, so that's intriguing.

Anywho, I am off to go hang out and ruin the fact that I just worked out. Oh well. :)

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