Yesterday I spent the whole day with my Granny working on my veil and after 6.5 hours, and we finally found ivory tulle, a headpiece and 4 yards of french ivory lace. Very pretty. If I had a camera handy, I would take a picture. Maybe I'll see about getting that camera in my possession to do that. :)

Today I laid out with Amanda and Michael at Amanda's Parents pool. It was pretty nice. I got a bit of a tan, so that's good.

On Monday, I plan on going and looking for some part-time work. I am thinking I can wait tables for lunch at a high price ticket places. Or, I will try a few book stores. I am also going to check into working at the Herald Democrat or even a pr firm around here. Maybe I can intern or something to get some experience. We'll see.

70 days until the wedding!

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