Vacation...From the Parents

SCORE! My parents are going on a vacation tomorrow, and I am very excited. My dad is being all romantic and not telling anyone where they are going to vacation at. If I know my dad like I know my dad, the location they are going will not be any more than 6 hours away, there will be a casino around the vacinity, and a golf course somewhere as well. So, we'll see where the phone call comes from.

Tomorrow my Granny and I are going to work on my veil once again. The lace situation shall be solved as well - The little flowers with the pearl center MUST be demolished. Evil laugh. I'm going to figure something out. Glue may do it.

This looks nothing like the lace on my veil or dress, but it's kind of like it. But with more embellishments and beautiful. The third swatch of lace is the closest, but it's different. Cursed google images! haha.

Also, I believe I am going to begin applying for jobs that I am over qualified for, so I won't have to do crappy jobs just to save up some money. We'll see where this takes me.

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