Biggest Loser 12: Episode 2

It's the second episode in, and the drama has started! Already. 

John is already on my blacklist. HOW can you, with one week under your belt, begin to talk about your team mates behind their back? He's supposed to be somewhat trustworthy, considering he's a high school football coach. Although he apologized in front of his team, he's still on my bad side. I realize it's a game, but the gameplay shouldn't be a big issue (or on camera) until later on in the season. That's the point to get scrappy. Not now.

Secondly, we finally got a smidge more info on Sunny! I'm excited she's standing up for educators in Texas. I feel like teachers here are getting somewhat of a raw deal, and this is good PR in a way.

In episode 2, BL again touches on the regular person schedule. We 'regular people' have full-time jobs with only a limited time to work out each day. MOVE ON Biggest Loser! We know it's hard for us to lose weight! That's why we have to work harder for big results. WE KNOW.

I'm calling it now. The 'old' team is going home. Yes, the whole team. It's painful to admit, but these folks don't seem to have the wherewithal to finish this race, and well. Except for Mike, they all seem to have some sort of physical issue (i.e. knee replacement), that will ultimately hold them back mentally. Case in point: Johnny. Mark my words, the blue team will fade out soon.

One thing I'm thrilled about: They've eliminated the "America's Vote" pity save, and replaced it with a marathon. All contestants, sent home or still in the game, will compete in a marathon run to vie for one of the final four spots. This is SUCH a great idea. That chance will be as beneficial as the $100,000 'at-home' prize. I want to fast-forward to the run to see who wins!

Which team is your favorite?

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