Biggest Loser: Season 12

It's time time of year again for a group of overweight and obese Americans to engage in a reality show about losing weight and gaining yourself. It's called The Biggest Loser, and it has an audience that rivals other well-known reality TV shows. I've watched this show for four full seasons now, going on my fifth. While it's riddled with product placement and crazy shenanigans, it speaks to the public health advocate in me. It's inspirational, and I find myself watching what I eat and exercising more during the weeks it runs. It's win - win, no?

Last season, my favorite contestant was Hannah. She was the younger sister (her sister competed as well, and won), took the safe route, and had doubts about being independent or treating herself with respect. I identified with her because her story is similar to mine in a way. In the end, she placed second, but learned she was worth taking care of, and taking a chance on.

Hannah after finishing The Biggest Loser

This season I'm going to attempt to recap each show, complete with snarky remarks. Yes, I realize that's a big commitment for someone that aims to post once a week; however, it's going to happen!

Week 1: Intro to New Contestants & Trainers
It's unfortunate that we've lost Jillian Michaels for this season, but she's moved on to what she deems as 'bigger and better.' I haven't seen her new show (The Doctors), but how can it changes LIVES the way BL does? I have doubts. Bob Harper is back, of course, as the lead trainer. BL welcomed a oddly one-named trainer, Dolvett, and the world renown(?!), wonder woman Anna Kournikova. I'm pleased the producers replaced Brett and Cara from last season, though. I liked both of these trainers, but they didn't produce results like Bob and Jill.

On to something good: I LOVE the new setup for the teams. I've been saying for several seasons now that the teams should be separated by age, rather than teaming people up from previous relationships. We have three groups: the young (20-38), the middle (39-49), and the old (50-65). So far, the middle contestants have been pulling it out and succeeding at each challenge and/or in the gym. While that's great, I will still be rooting for the young group. How can I abandon my age group? I might, if I can't find anyone I identify with or I find an individual I like best.

The new contestants are fresh and new. Still happy. There's no way to foresee what's to come on the ever-changing setup for each season, BUT they have to know pain is coming. I never look forward to the mid-season breakdowns that BL plays up so much; however, these 'breakthroughs' are needed to finish the journey. I'm getting ahead of myself though. Let's talk people.

Favorites: Joe (46 - Knoxville, TN), Ramon (27 - Florence, CO), Sunny (41 - Frisco, TX) and Vinny (27 - Nashville, TN). Ramon's and Vinny's personalities remind me of Hannah's. They're so positive and cheeky. Gotta love a cheeky reality contestant. Sunny's got my vote because she's a hometown girl from Frisco (IKEA shout out!). Joe is very special, already, because of his family dynamic. Who are your favorites?

I can't wait until tomorrow night at 9pm! Keep checking my blog for updates, and let me know if you're a Biggest Loser fan!

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  1. I always enjoy BL when I see it, although I've never really followed it. I look forward to your commentary!


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