Biggest Loser 12: Episode 3

That Tebow Guy
Bad news. My DVR is a piece of junk. For some reason it didn't record a part of the episode, so I missed the first 30 minutes! That being said, I'll do my best to share my thoughts for the portion I DID see.

I came into it seeing an NFL player doing a work out with each team. Cool. So it must be NFL week then. Got it. I did catch a quote that I thought was incredible motivation: "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work as hard." Tim Tebow (Not that I know who that is).

Let's talk about Vinny. What a sad discovery. It is so sad to see someone realize they've been abused, and your homelife is not the norm. I hope he's able to work through this and eventually forgive his mom.

Quotes of Note at the Weigh In
"I'm gonna have one hell of a hootenanny!" Vinny
"I still had those tickets..they were still in my hands." Joe
"I finally saw that Bonnie can do it!" Bonnie

Do you remember when Bonnie was walking up the stairs...yet another visual that my predictions may come true about the Blue Team. Theeeeen, they won the weigh in. How and WHY did that happen?! I still think this was a lucky week, and they'll be back in their place next week. No offense, just being real!

Patrick at the start of BL12
It's elimination time. The Red Team is sitting in the chairs in the elimination room.  We never thought we'd see them there, being the youngsters and all. Enter "Self Sacrificing" Patrick. What. The. Hell. You don't do that in a game where you can win a quarter of a million dollars. Wow. The vote, of course, was intense. Also, I can't believe that Vinny didn't vote for him! In Biggest Loser code, you always respect your teammate's wishes. Courtney, you better thank your lucky stars.

Patrick is doing a great job so far at home! I'm happy he passed his physical test to be a police officer. Maybe he'll train well enough before the marathon...

Did you like NFL week?

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