Biggest Loser 12: Episode 4

Episode 4 opens, and there's a new biggest loser song. Did I miss this before? I may be being nostalgic, but I miss the song from previous seasons. This new one is not the best. Not my favorite. Moving on.

HANNAH! Oh my gosh! She's my absolute favorite! Hannah in the kitchen!

Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, I have a few notes to share from the next part of the episode. Past contestant workouts. Adam Hurtado still looks great, and of course, Marci is still the same happy Marci. That family is full of hopelessly positive, smiling, lovely people.  She says Week 4 was a struggle for her, but I don't recall her having trouble at any point in her season.

As Ramon is climbing up the mountain, I'm frustrated that he's trying too hard to be a leader. If you have to try at it, there's a good chance you're not a natural leader. Does this frustrate anyone else?

On another note, when Courtney had a remorseful moment, she is clearly stuck because of her negative thinking. I understand her though, because oftentimes I am in the same rut. She needs to turn that around!

During Bonnie's workouts, it's clear she's mentally scared. This is a huge problem for almost every Biggest Loser contestant. I know I would have the same struggles. It's hard to get over the metal hurdle of your brain telling you your body cannot run one more minute, when in fact, it can. Anna really has broken in her "Biggest Loser Training Style" because she hit the nail on the head with Bonnie in her workout. 

The subject of fast food "cheating" was brought up. It's an interesting concept.  Someone with an eating issue will drive thru and order something, then eat it before they get home. They throw away the trash before they go inside their home to see their family. Fast Food Cheating. How many people in America are falling victim to this trend? Are we as a nation obese because we're hiding it from our families? People can't help if they don't understand the problem. It's sad Joe later equated it to cheating on his wife. That's taking it a little far, but I can see how he would feel that strongly about it. 

The line relay challenge with elements was interesting. It was more of an endurance race for them at this point than a line relay. A word about the prizes: FINALLY Biggest Loser gets smart and allows everyone read their letters from home. Finishing challenges first isn't always the most worthy of the grand prize. Sometimes just finishing is worth earning a prize.

Video Chats: TEAR! I almost cried about 4 times.

Last Chance Workouts
How cute is it that BL built a tennis court especially for Anna and her team?! Awesome choice! It looked like a great workout to me. 

As for the pool workout with Bob, it started out nice and then got serious.  Joe, who can't swim, says, "It is weird. There's something about Bob Harper...you start believing you can do things that you've never done." Joe then  doggie paddles to the other side of the pool. TEAR. Then it gets super serious. Enter brutal pool workout. Bob Harper made two of the Black Team members CRY. A pool workout. Serious stuff.

Last word about the last chance workouts: Dolvett scared me a little bit. If I had to have a trainer on the Biggest Loser, Dolvett would NOT be my first choice. I don't want someone who yells at me in that manner. 

The Weigh In
I loved the simplicity of Alison's dress. Kill me if it's American Apparel.
Bonnie lost 7 lbs. now two weeks in a row! She's on a roll!
I'm sad that Blue Team lost another team member, but it's like I said...The Blue Team is out! So long, Mike!

I'm ready for another episode! 

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