Biggest Loser 12: Episode 5

Let's start off with the challenge! Is this Plunko? Plinko? Where is Bob Barker!? This is not a challenge, it's a game show!
I'm glad Sunny won the 'challenge/game'. I like the idea of one teammate pulling the weight of the team, but just on paper. In reality, that's not such a good idea. Leaving the fate of others in their teammate's hands is a scary thing. That must be why John is crying like a baby.
As Sunny wins, she does a little happy dance. Good for her to be happy to see her family after a month of being in LA. That's tough on a wide-open-spaces Texas gal. (Did I just say gal?) Then things change. Wow. Bob. Can he bring Sunny down any more? That's not the positive Bob I know.
That being said, Sunny, you better not let Texas down.

Quotes of Note
"It's not my job to be, you know, cuddling her!" Anna about Bonnie. So true.
"Texas is in the HOUSE!" Bob about coming to Frisco, Texas.
"You got it Bon-Bon!" Vinny about Bonnie in the string challenge. (String Thing, anyone?)

While in Texas, Sunny's family takes Bob to Rudy's. Yes, a barbecue joint. Brimming with juicy meats, sweet sauces and sides the size of your face. Delicious! (However, if you want a good barbecue sauce, this is my favorite.) All Bob can say is, "What are we going to eat?" He orders the lean turkey, lean brisket and throws in some ribs for fun. No ribs for Sunny though, and he snaps at her husband to move the tray of ribs away from her end of the table. Serious stuff! Then, Sunny says she has a surprise for Bob. Revenge, in the form of riding the mechanical bull! Bob held his own though, lasting WAY more than 8 seconds.

Back at the Ranch, it got real with Dolvett and Vinny in the gym. Apparently you're not allowed to make jokes in the gym. I get that. But to cut out room for personality? I'm not sure if that's what working out is about. Don't kill Vinny's personality!

Bonnie and Anna. Can we just leave it there? Wow. I feel like this episode was mainly about their beef. They're really not working well together at all. Anna is trying to go deeper, and Bonnie isn't letting her. Bonnie just doesn't like Anna for some reason. I'm sure this will surface again.

Last Chance Workout
Pan back to Texas. Sunny is working out on a legit farm. Really, Bob? Is that all Texas is? I guess near the wilds of Frisco, that could be partially true. Later, Bob reveals that he and Sunny both grew up on farms. Okay, I'll give it to you, Bob.
Can I get a shout out for the cowboy with a black and mild? Cessation! It works!

Weigh In
Bonnie and Anna's squabble comes out. Again. Bob backs up Anna, of course. Pan to Bonnie. She's looking like a wet hen.
Shining moment #1: Becky pulls an 8! I'm proud of her! She's really a gem on this show. Too bad she's ruining Bonnie's life.
The Black Team weighs in last. As much as I dislike John, I am impressed by his weight loss. However, I hope he doesn't win, mainly because he's a jerk. Reformed jerk? I'm not so sure.
Antone lost only 4 pounds. Interesting.
Shining moment #2: Sunny loses 14 pounds! That's incredible! It's double what she needed to keep the Black Team safe. Great job!

Decision Room
Red Team squabble! Like we didn't see this coming. Alison comments on how thick the air is in the room. Next thing we know, Vinny and Courtney are at each other's throats. Civilly, but still adversaries.
Courtney was voted off, but her 'afterwards' segment was uplifting. Courtney's sister getting the prize was bittersweet, as it was almost like she was giving up her time at the Ranch for her sister. I hope to see her finish well at the marathon.

Scenes from the next week: HOLY CRAP! Someone GAINS 5 pounds?! Seriously? That has got to be some sort of sabotage!

Side Note: Did anyone see the Marc Anthony collection commercial at Kohls? I might check it out for Michael, because it may be styled for a skinnier man. Marc Anthony = Skinny Minnie. Or Mickey. Thoughts?


  1. I started watching this season on Hulu, and I must say that it is rather addictive! There are some great personalities, too. I can't wait to see them all as their skinny selves!

  2. I can't wait until the end either! That's always the most exciting part.
    I'm not loving the new trainers though. Dolvett is obviously not my favorite, and Anna's training style is weird. Let's hope they all succeed! :)


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