Birthday Bonanza

In my family, you're allowed to celebrate your birthday week

In my case, it's a birthday month. But, that's another story.

This year we celebrated Michael's 26th birthday at Meddlesome Moth (as EVERYONE knows, now that I've said it 347 times.) 
Enjoy the photos! 

James, Nicole, Robert (Hobbes) and Christine

Keum, Ryan, Lisa and Jake

Wife and Birthday Man

Another, for funzies

Michael, Amanda and Grant
What a fun night! 

The next day we celebrated Amanda and Michael's birthday with dinner at Meso Maya
I went there for the first time with the Best Friend, and have enjoyed each time since!
Michael's Mom, Dad and Grandpa were able to come down to Dallas to have dinner with us, which was super nice!

Roy (Dad), Michael and Tom (Grandpa)

Martie (Mom), Me and Amanda

Me and Amanda (We match!)

Cake & Michael

Now, It's cake time!

I made a Triple-chocolate Mocha cake, based on this recipe.
Not a bite was left.
True story.

Amanda, post-dinner.

The super awesome cake

Unfortunately, I didn't write the recipe down.
One Hit Wonder!

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  1. Looks like fun, we're so sad we missed it! Happy birthday, Michael!


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