Dallas Stars!

We're true fans now. At least that's what Husband says. We bought a Dallas Stars season ticket mini-plan and jerseys before this season started (Season 18!).  The season opens officially on October 7, but we've already gone to a few preseason games.

James, Me and Husband, Stars vs. Panthers, Sept. 29
Recently, we went to the Panther's game with James, Husband's good friend. Thankfully, we won!

Husband and I, Stars vs. Avalanche, Sept. 22
Earlier, we went to our first game of our mini-plan: Stars versus the Colorado Avalanche! I was really into hockey during 2000-2003, and the Avalanche ALWAYS beat the Stars. I attended a few games during those years, and each time we played them it was a beating! I think the tables have turned. We've won 6 out of 7 of the preseason games (1 win against the Avs and 1 loss against the Avs).

On another note, I feel completely out of the game. First, there are youngsters on that team that are younger than me! Also, there are players I've never even heard of on the ice! I remember the good ole days of Bret Hull and Sergei Zubov. Does anyone else still long for Derian Hatcher to be captain?

I'm excited to get back into it, and catch up on lost time. While Brenden Morrow will always be my first love (for real, I was 16...), but my new favorites are Sheldon Souray and Steve Ott. Souray had a feisty attitude during the Avalanche game, and you know there's nothing better than a scrappy hockey player! Ott is the young leader, which is what was so great about Brendon back in the 2000s. He's also an amazing player! Any favorites of yours?

I hope the Stars will make it all the way to the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup! 

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