Biggest Loser 12: Episode 6

It's Halloween week! Obviously. I didn't think Alison's costume was very inventive, but it was done well. I would have like to seen her as Wonder Woman or Shakira. Or something better than Mrs. Frankenstein.
Crazy stats:

  • Americans spend an average of $44 on Halloween candy each year
  • Those same Americans (us) make 20 million pounds of candy corn per year
  • We eat about 24 pounds of all types of candy a year

How's that for a shocker! I still love candy corn, though.

The initial challenge Alison gives them seems a bit lofty. Ten pounds per person? Hmm. That seems like a bit of stretch, especially for the women. *Cough*Bonnie*Cough* However, they have a change to get a pound advantage by eating a pound of candy. Somehow I don't see these contestants giving into that temptation.

All-For-One Training
Switching up the trainers is a good idea, and will help the contestants lose more weight. But 10 pounds! Wow. Can we talk about Jennifer and Bob? It's like she has an 8th grade crush on him. What a fool! If you can't take away something valuable from a training session with each trainer, you're not trying hard enough. Jennifer and Bob, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
The adoption moment between Dolvett and John was a good building block for both of them emotionally, and for the viewers of the show. We got to see a softer side to both of the rude-a-begas in the House.

Apple/Maze Challenge
5 or 10 pound advantage (if they win and gather 150 or 200 pounds of apples)
5 pound disadvantage (if they don't all make it out of the maze)

I'm glad they won as a large team! That will improve their morale...hopefully.

Quotes of Note
"Hoo-de-hoo!" Vinny (He is so country.)
"I'm not goin' in the graveyard!" Antone, about the 'frightening' graveyard.
"Antone, the tombstones are made of Styrofoam..." Sunny, about the 'frightening' graveyard.
"We never gonna get out of this thing!" Joe, about the 'frightening' graveyard.
"Do these guys not know me? I take this crap seriously." Bob, about the candy prank.
"Until you take care of him [the abused 9-year-old inside of him], this is just a weight loss reality show." Bob to Vinny, about his struggles.

So, what is this about a BL Romance already? 

I read a few rumor blogs before the show aired, and it said Ramon and Jessica were in lurve. How is that? They've been there a month and a half! Later on the show, Ramon said "I love you" on national television! During the show, I counted their kissing. Let's keep it going, whaddaya say!? Kiss Count: 6

Last Chance Workout
Jessica carrying Antone? INSANE!
Next, let's talk about that serious heart-to-heart that was Jessica's talk with Anna. Is Anna supposedly a relationship expert? Should she be asking these questions to Jessica?  Didn't she date Enrique Iglesias at one time? I rest my case.

Weigh In
John beat Moses at the first to lose 100 pounds!
Sunny gained 5 pounds...boo. She's one of my favorites, so I hope she doesn't go home. It's not looking good for her, until the rest of the players weigh in. Wow, these weight losses are terrible. Did something go on behind the cameras? Was a deal struck? There's no other explanation for these awful weigh ins. That being said, they didn't reach their goal of 90 pounds, so everyone is going to the elimination room.

Elimination Room
It looks like Jennifer may be going home, especially after Vinny said his piece. He's right though! In this game, you HAVE to be a team player. If that's not your personality, you have to work to get along with others.
The decision: Sunny put the nail in the coffin. Thank goodness she didn't go home. 6 votes will send Jennifer home, because of her 'negative energy.' Sounds like she was just a biznatch. Thoughts?

Side Note: I'm already thinking about makeover week! I can't wait! I hope that both Ramon and Jessica make it, so they'll have to tell their families about their romance! Ahh!

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