Camping Near Morraine State Park

I'm finally getting around to posting about our adventures in camping...from last weekend! We had a great time camping near Morraine State Park {not inside the park because of rules} at Rose Point Park, which is just a 10-minute dive away from the state park {And one of the few places open for camping in April*}.
Near the entrance to Rose Point is a close bridge, made of metal and concrete. We stopped to look at the architecture of it and take photos of it's gorgeous rust.
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*Rose Point Park isn't your only option for camping near Morraine State Park, and we would recommend checking out Bear Run as well. Rose Point has folks living {Long term camping?} on the property, and that might kill the camping mood for those that prefer solitude.

 The view beyond the bridge was lovely, too.
 The construction of the bridge had changed over time, and many holes had started to appear near the edges of the railing. Husband seemed fascinated by the danger of rocks/dust/debris falling through the hole.

 That night we did what we usually love to do while camping - make a huge fireside feast. We'd made a trip to Whole Foods before we left to stock up on fabulous ingredients for our dinner that night.  We couldn't stand waiting, so we started with roasting some marshmallow appetizers. :)

 While the fire built up, we noticed wild violets {Or what I think to be violets} growing nearby. How incredible is it that there are wild violets growing here? The differences in vegetation always astounds me when I travel to other parts of the U.S.
I'm pretty sure I just sounded like my Mom.

 This nature excision was followed by the roasting of Peeps. It was Easter weekend, after all. A celebration was in order!

Can you tell they're aren't happy?
The funny thing is the Peep becomes somewhat brulee-d because of all the sugar on the outside. When you bite into a Peep S'more, there's a crunch from your marshmallow source.
Absolutely delicious.
 Then, we enjoyed the fire as the sun went down.
Husband always makes such good fires!
 {I couldn't resist making a jumbo s'more, too.}
Look at that puppy!
 Our home-away-from-home:

 Nearby the campsite:
 Our view at 8:30PM:
 Our view at 9:30PM:
The next day we hiked around Morraine State Park {illegally, because they weren't open for the season! oops!}, and enjoyed each other's company. I love my camping partner!


  1. That Peep s'more looks insane...I can't wait for my first campfire of the season!

  2. We went camping here in late March, lol.

  3. Small world! We enjoyed camping there, but I think our next stop is Ohiopyle!


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