PGH Dining: Waffalonia

Being the planners that we are, Husband and I decided to squeeze in a visit to Waffalonia before seeing a 10:00AM matinee showing of a movie on a Sunday morning. Perfect, because they open at 9:00AM, and we were there on the dot.
Waffalonia, Leige Waffle Station, is a small, you'll-miss-it-if-you-blink shop in Squirrel Hill. You'll walk in to a skinny shop, with one side of waffle-making accouterment, the other for walking/ordering. P.S. - there's a wall full of peanut butter and nutella. Mmmm.

Waffle Iron in the Window.
Waffalonia's Menu: 
 They also offer ice creams:
 Next time I'm definitely trying cinnamon ice cream with Nutella on a hot waffle.
 After we ordered our waffle {Toppings below!}, we waited at the 'tables' alongside the wall. If you're bringing a group, you may want to get your waffles to go. However, it's perfect for a couple o' lovebirds sharing a waffle.
 Here she is...our sugar waffle, complete with a 1/4 c of Nutella, 3/4 of a banana and a huge dollop of whipped cream. Start the oohing and ahhing now.
We brought our own coffees!
 Behold the beauty. 

 Crunchy-sweet waffle, ripe banana slices, sandwiched between globs of Nutella and whipped cream. {Typical combination, I know, but too hard to pass up!}

Waffalonia was a sweet beginning to our morning. Check it out when you're in the neighborhood for a cozy decadent breakfast or brunch. 

Neighborhood: Squirrel Hill
Good For: Couples Breakfast/Brunch, Out-of-the-Ordinary Dessert
Gems: Ice Cream and Nutella {Expectations, of course}
Drawbacks: Seating Options

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  1. These are good waffles, but we also make our own sometimes (http://byov.blogspot.com/2010/08/success-gaufres-de-liege-liege-belgian.html)

    Oh, and you should check out Point Brugge Cafe, if you haven't been yet.


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