PGH Dining: Fat Heads Saloon

 After a fabulous win at a Pirates vs. Phillies game at PNC Park, we continued the celebration by heading over to Fat Heads Saloon over the river in the South Side.
Fireworks after the winning game.
 After have a few beers at the ball park, we wanted something hot and crispy. Perfect remedy - Smoked Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke dip, served with fried pita. The smokiness of the chicken hit you as soon as you took your first bite. The warm pita was crunchy, and was the perfect vehicle for the creamy dip. Great job!
 Then, based on a suggestion from the group, we had the stuffed hot peppers. These banana peppers are stuffed with hot sausage and cheese, then topped with a tomato sauce. They were a spicy kick I needed before my main dish.
A friend-of-a-sister once told us if we ever went to Fat Heads to have the wings. What else could we do? We ordered wings. I wouldn't do it again. Not a fan of these wings, with dry, oily skin, and were accompanied by tired celery and carrots. Next time, I'm going for the cheese sticks or fried pierogies!
 Moving on to our main dish - The PCI {Pretty Cool Italian} Headwich. It really was the size of my head.   Definitely a sharing sandwich.
 Salami, capicola, ham, pepperoni, hard boiled egg, and rosemary mayonnaise are just a few of the items on this insane sandwich. I love how many options there are, too, and I'm anxious to try another one!
Fat Heads was just the thing we needed to soak up some of that delicious craft beer we had at PNC Park. There are so many things I'd like to try when I go there next; However, I won't be having the wings again.

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