Seeing the Sights with Our First Guest!

This past weekend {give or take a couple days} was a blast! Husband's BFF came in town, and was our first guest to stay with us in PGH.  It was {for lack of a more grown-up word} awesome to show someone around our new turf. 
 Essentially, this photos sums it up nicely:
Dogfish Head's Ta Henket
Read about the rest of the weekend after the jump!
Starting Friday of last week, Pittsburgh hosted it's first Craft Beer Week, which was perfect for Husband's BFF, James. He adores all things craft beer, and has an incredible amount of knowledge about the subject.  What a perfect companion for scouting out PGH's first week dedicated to the craft of beer making! Stay tuned for a post about PCBW!
For now, enjoy photos of our ruckus weekend:
My sangria at Round Corner Cantina.
Rananculus in The Strip.
Visiting a classic. PGH Dining post coming soon!
Late-night snack at Bar Marco.
Riding the Duquesne Incline.
On Mount Washington.
Eating at too many bakeries...
Our attempt at cooking dinner after a long day of beer drinking.
Point State Park.
The fountain is being worked on, and won't be open for a few years. :/ 
In PPG Place.
Having beer at the church...Church Brew Works.
Post-HofbrÀuhaus Fun.
Now, to relax and stop the drinking.  Maybe.  I can't wait until James comes to town again!

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