PGH Dining: SMOKE Barbeque Taqueria

We visited SMOKE Barbeque Taqueria on a weeknight, mainly because I didn't feel like cooking. Husband wanted something comforting, so what else do folks raised in Texas do? Go to a place that serves tacos.  
 SMOKE is in Homestead, which is something of a journey from Lawrenceville. {I realize you're jumping for joy to hear we went somewhere outside of our neighborhood.} Across the river and down the street in Homestead is an unsuspecting storefront, adjacent to empty shops, where SMOKE makes it's home. If you don't slow down, you might miss it.
 Inside the small, cozy restaurant is about 15 seats, some of which are at a bar/counter. You order from a two-page menu, and pay cash. {ATMs are nearby} This paying cash business can be a nuisance to some, but it helped us not go overboard because we just had a $20 on us. It's also BYOB, so be sure to have more foresight than we did and be stuck without some nice Mexican beers. {There is a beer store around the corner, though, if you're really in need.}
 Step up to order,
 under the cute chicken wire light fixture.
 Husband ordered a Mexican Coke, and I stuck with water. 
 We ordered their macaroni and cheese, and three tacos:
 Look at that setup!
 The macaroni and cheese was delicious, and was gone within minutes. It was right up our alley, with lots of coarsely cracked black pepper bits scattered throughout. 
Beef Brisket Taco
Vegetarian Taco
Migas with Chorizo.
 Fluffy white tortillas, with hot, flavorful filling. Winners. All three tacos were good, but the veggie taco was my favorite, featuring avocado, black beans and bruised cilantro leaves. 
Glass-Based Lamp
 The atmosphere is cozy, which is a nice way to say it was tight. This is a good way to meet people, however, since you're sharing elbow room at the bar seats. There were so few seats in the house, and SMOKE is still super popular - so you can see those two factors don't make for an easy seating. If I were the owners of SMOKE, I would line both sides of the bar with stools, adding at least 4 more seats. That's just my two cents!

 Neighborhood: Homestead/Munhall
Good For: Meeting people, BYOB
Gems: Vegetarian Tacos
Drawbacks: Seating

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  1. I love this place! Try the Las Palmas taco cart available Friday and Saturday in Oakland next.

    1. It was good for a taco...or three! If we ever make it back over there, we'll go again. ;)
      Who can say no to a taco cart! Sounds great! Thanks!


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