Photo Blink!

I've been working on odds and ends over the past few weeks, mostly on our third floor guest suite {Sounds fancy, huh?}. Our weekends have been full of shopping for furniture, pillows, bathroom towels, and fabric. We've also worked on updating our dining room furniture, as you'll see later. 
I've been busy with those details, and Husband has been nice enough to cook me an Oates Family classic, the Cowboy Breakfast.
{Cowboy Breakfast}
1 slice of bread
1 tsp. butter or margarine
1 tbsp. mayonnaise {we use light Hellmann's}
Cooking Spray
2-3 thin slices of deli meat {we use turkey, but it's traditionally ham)
1 slice American cheese or a melty cheese, sliced very thin
1 egg
coarse salt and pepper

Toast the bread, while collecting all of the other ingredients. Spread on butter then the mayo. In a small skillet, brown the deli meat with a little cooking spray, one minute on each side and browned on the edges. Place the meat on a plate in a 200 degree oven to keep warm. Then, fry the egg in a little more cooking spray, then begin assembling the ingredients as follows: bread, meat, cheese, egg, salt and pepper. The cheese should melt between the meat and egg before serving.
I love this for a weekend breakfast!
Here's a hint at the fabric for the dining room chair overhaul:
 We stopped by Labriola's Italian Market in Cranberry Township to stock up on Italian goodies. I see a seafood pasta in our future!
 We checked out Smoke BBQ Taqueria last week, which Husband has been itching to try since we got here in December. Stay tuned for the PGH Dining review of this one!
 Husband tried his hand at pickling, which I've done in the past, to no avail. Evidently, the pickling thumb stopped at his mom and didn't carry over into the next generation. Alas. They were far too spice-laden, even if we followed the directions to the letter.
 At least they were pretty.
 Finally, I do have a "What I Wore" post up my sleeve. You'll notice I'm wearing somewhat warm clothing...all of that warm weather has disappeared, and it's now somewhat normal March temperatures. Yay, layering!
Have a great rest of your Sunday!


  1. That dress really was only $20! I hope you go back and get it, the colours are really pretty! BTW...the food looks amazing and the plaid skirt looks awesome!

  2. That breakfast looks absolutely heavenly. Cooking breakfast at home is one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday - Corban takes care of the bacon and eggs while I whip up pancakes. Nothing better. :)

  3. Husband is a Sweetie AND he can cook! He's a keeper!


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