PGH Dining: Taste of India

Typically, I bring my lunch to work. This allows me to pack healthy options, not over-indulge, and feel energized for the second half of my work day. A few Mondays ago I forgot my lunch {sitting on the counter, no less}, and had to haul my cookies to the cafeteria in the hospital for lunch. This isn't a bad thing - you hear 'hospital food' and cringe. However, this hospital offers under-500 calorie dishes and a fresh sushi bar. I was planning to opt for a spicy tuna roll when I was informed the credit card machines were down. Hence the unplanned-ness of the event, I didn't have any cash on me, save 35 cents in change. For shame! On to the next.
Within walking distance is Taste of India, which sounded like a comforting option to me.  The spicier the better in my book!  Since I had an hour to eat, I chose the lunch buffet.  For under $10, you can have your choice of curries, vegetarian dishes, rices, other grains, accompaniments, naan, desserts and fruit.
Let me just warn you - you can get carried away with the endless plates/combinations available.  I forgot to take a photo of my first plate, and my second is less-full that my first.  I was hungry, you guys, and this was perfect.  I got lots of helpings of the chicken vindaloo, which was tender, tangy and spicy.  The only dish that needed salt was the raita, which I prefer to have a good amount of saltiness.
 I finished off the meal with a mango lassi. I hear the drink comes with the buffet, but I had to ask for it at the checkout counter.
I typically don't like mango; however, this one was creamy and full of yogurt. It was a huge portion, too!

Their cup was branded with their social media!
The next time I visit Taste of India, I plan to order a plate of their banana pakoras, as everything that was a fried dish on the buffet was fried perfectly. And, a banana pakora piques my interest!
Neighborhood: Bloomfield

Good For: Buffet Lunch

Gems: Tender dishes, Lassis

Drawbacks: Menu Details
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  1. Wow, those are definitely different options that you normally hear of in a hospital!

    1. The sushi is a lifesaver, for sure. Even brown rice sushi!

  2. I know the feeling...when I hear hospital cafeteria or just cafeteria in general I am not feeling hungry at all. I love indian food.

    1. Luckily this cafeteria isn't like most...but they obviously have their downfalls sometimes! It's nice to know I have fabulous Indian food waiting just around the corner.


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