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Going out to lunch is a way of life in Dallas. You and your best coworkers blow off steam and talk about the pains of a particularly trying project you're all involved in over a plate of hot food. It's almost a ritual.
Here in Pittsburgh, both Husband and I have noticed that people don't usually do that. People bring their lunches, eat at their desks or grab something quickly while doing an errand. 
I didn't realize how much I'd miss it!
Thus, I started a Lunch Bunch with a group of coworkers in my building, for a once-a-month dining trip to a restaurant close by. This past month's inaugural trip was to Wai Wai in Bloomfield.

 We started the meal by checking out their typical place mats of the Chinese Zodiac. {Giving away my age}, I am a tiger, which means I'm brave, competitive and unpredictable. While I'm stubborn, I tend to be charming. I like this zodiac!
 The table settings.
 I started us off with a set of crab rangoons, one of my favorite appetizers of all time. The crispy fried pockets of creamy crab are top of the list for me. The Wai Wai version was much more oniony, with more than a hint of green onion along with the creamy, cheesy crab taste. Very nice!
 For our entrees, we chose: 
 Orange Chicken {diner said it was a ton of food and hit the spot on her vision of what Orange Chicken is usually};
 Chicken in Black Bean Sauce {My dish, which was heavy on the chicken and light on the black bean sauce. I would have loved more of those fermented black beans!};

 General Tso's Chicken and Szechuan Chicken and Vegetables {diner was the only one of our group that ordered off the CHEAP lunch menu. He ate it all!}; 
and Sweet and Sour Chicken {This diner isn't a Chinese food lover, so she ordered her tried and true usual, which she happily ate. She liked the huge portion of sauce available to her.}.
 The lunch meal at Wai Wai was not only a good price, but the portions were large enough for two meals. They were spot-on with the usual dishes. I think I hooked the group for another dining event!
 One of our Lunch Bunch mate's fortune:
Neighborhood: Bloomfield
Good For: Lunch
Gems:  - - 
Drawbacks:  - - 
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