Pittsburgh Restaurant Week: Summertime Edition!

Last night at my spin class, I reminded my classmates that this week is Pittsburgh's summertime Restaurant Week.  I looked around, and saw blank faces.  Evidently, not everyone knows this is the week of fabulous restaurants around town featuring a special menu for a great price!
This is Pittsburgh's second Restaurant Week for the year {and ever!}, and I've had the chance to go to a Blogger Dinner on Tuesday night at The Porch at Schenley {post forthcoming}, and have other dinner plans for later this week.

The list of restaurants goes on and on, and there is a selection of two types of 'special deals': 1.} Select the prix fixe menu of three courses for usually around $20-$40; or 2.} Select the $20.12 special menu, and get a meal for that price. Of course, you can always order from the regular menu, but why pass up the specials? This week only comes twice a year!

What are your plans for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week?  Where have you already eaten?

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