Weekend{s} Recap {So Far}!

Here's what has happened over the last three weekends, folks.

{Flashback to Two Weeks Ago} With the threat of rain, we decided to stay in on Friday evening.  I was caught in a monsoon walking home from work a few weeks back, and I swore I wouldn't do it again.  After waiting an extra half hour for Husband to weave his way through the rush hour traffic, I read my book {Catching Fire, which I was desperately trying to get though in the shortest possible time,} until he was able to pick me up.  We watched 6+ hours of DVRed Olympics coverage like the champs we are. That is, until the rain began pouring...inside.

It seems our newly converted town home has a torrid past.  The staircase was dripping water during the storm,  and didn't stop for an hour. We quickly called our landlord, only to leave a message. We were contacted on Tuesday afternoon about it, saying he was sending someone to look at it before the next storm. The story is yet to be continued, but I hope we'll stay dry for a little while.

Last weekend we were the errand team. Through laundry, picking up the house, buying groceries and planning out our week, we were able to see The Bourne Legacy at the AMC in the Waterfront. It's certainly my favorite larger movie theatre in the area {the best smaller theater being the Manor Theatre in Squirrel Hill}.  The movie itself was very much like the other Bourne movies, shaky cam and all.  Husband did a marathon of the currently out Bourne movies before this, so he was all on a Robert Ludlum high. I think I know what his next birthday present will be!

This weekend has started out much the same, but with a pre-vacation manicure/pedicure tucked in. How is your weekend going? Are you an errander, too?
I am planning to write a review of the other restaurant we visited for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week last week.  Look out for that one!

As it draws closer, we're getting more and more excited about going to NYC for our anniversary. We'll only be there for a short time, but we've got so much planned! We're leaving very early on Friday of this coming week. It's coming up!

I'm starting my graduate school classes this week. Eeek! I'm excited to get back into being a student, but it'll be a much more different journey because I'm also a working professional this time around. More on this soon.

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!


  1. I'm already stressed about handling work and classes. It's so much to do all at once! We're totally gonna handle it like champs, though. ;)

    1. I'm right there with you! This week will be a telling one, I think. :)


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