Home Gym!

Just so you know, it's cold in Pittsburgh.
It even snows.
For this girl, jogging in the snow or spitty rain isn't a valid option {until February 1st*}. Also, I'm way too practical to sign myself up for a gym until I have a solid job. This leads me to the idea of having a home gym.
In this 'home gym,' aka the second bedroom on the second floor which is also being used as the office, I don't have any fancy machinery, but more smaller sets of self-propelled equipment. I've set myself up for a variety of exercises to keep me engaged. I have free weights, resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a few fitness DVDs.
Isn't it cute?
I've been utilizing my gym by using my newest DVD {of two!} to get in shape while it's snowing buckets outside. Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 is my 'steal of a deal' DVD I got at Target for $9. I'd say it's going well - I feel like my muscles are coming out, and I've lost 3 pounds. There is one downside: I pulled a muscle at the top of my right leg {dare I say groin?}. It's getting better with each day, but I'm not getting my 100% out of my body during my workouts. I hope it gets better quick!

Ignore my shoe marks!
Do any of you out there have home gyms? What do you stock it with?

*Note: Husband and I signed up for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 6th. Sounds crazy, and you're right. I'm planning to use Hal Higdon's training schedule to get me somewhat prepared for the race. Yes, I do realize this is more than 4 times the miles I've jogged in a race. Eek! 
By the way, does anyone have a non-iPhone-specific app that will log my miles as I'm jogging while in my pocket?

Update: I've since chosen to go with EndoMondo's app for tracking activity. It's great!

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